10 Main Types of Faucets

types of faucetsThere are various types of kitchen faucets and these days it is not only about the purpose they provide it is also about the looks and variety.

Today we are going to look at the different types of faucets and how they are uniquely different.

  1. Single hole faucets

As the name suggests, this is a single hole installation faucet where you will only use one handle to emit water and the same handle to control the temperature and pressure.

This types of faucets are now very common and this mostly because they come in various modern looking designs with basic features and an easy to use.

  1. Faucets with different handles

  • Centered models

These are the types of faucets where the handle and the spout are installed together on a single base. The handles are mostly like 8 inches apart

They are the most affordable faucets and are also easy to install.

  • Widespread and Mini- spread models

These come with the various parts connected separately which are usually 6-16 inches apart.

With this kind of faucet, the handle is spread apart from the spout. Mostly you get 8 inches apart for widespread and 4 inches apart for mini-spread.

They are positioned directly on the counter-top. This is perfect for those who want to install accessories in between the faucets.

The thing to note is that with this particular faucet is that you will require multiple holes during installation.

  • Two-handle, one hole faucets

With this type of faucet, you get two handles that control hot and cold water respectively but with one spout.

The advantage that comes with this type of faucet is that they are easy to install but the downside is that when one handle is spoils you will need to replace both.

  1. Pull-out faucets

If you are looking for a faucet that makes it easy to wash dishes and filling pots then you will like the pull-out type of faucet.

This type of faucet comes with a head that is detachable and can be pulled out. This a good feature because it offers flexibility and also comes in a variety of styles.

The downside is that they tend to splash a lot and they are best suited to a small sink area where there is not enough room for pots and cleaning.

  1. Pull-down faucets

With this type of faucet, the head spout is fixed in a downward direction. The hose can be pulled-down but you are limited with moving around with the hose.

The advantage with this type of faucets is that they give you good enough pressure to clean pots even if they are not the most flexible and they do offer some reduction on splashing.

They are also great for pot filling because they come with a high-arc and are best suited for big sinks. You can also opt to have one that can swivel 360 degrees to give you more room.

  1. Side sprayers faucets

This is a separate sprayer other than the main faucet. This can somehow offer flexibility and efficiency since they are connected separately and function separately because it is easy to keep clean and maintain.

The downside may be that you will require multiple holes during installation.

  1. Touch-less faucets

This is a faucet that operates with the use of battery or electricity power and is sensitive to hand movements, so you can operate them without touching the handle.

This makes them versatile as they can be used by children and the elderly, plus they prevent cross-contamination and save greatly on water.

  1. Pot Fillers

These types of faucets come with a long and high spout that is generally designed to best fill pots.

They are perfect for high-pressures, high-volume kind of work which is mostly commercially based.

  1. Commercial kitchen faucets

These offer high-pressure pull-out sprays and very high arcs. This makes them perfect for heavy duty cleaning.

Some brands have been remodeled for use for residential kitchens and are available in bigger and better sizes than the traditional faucets.

They do give high- volume water but the downside is that they tend to be more expensive.

  1. Wall- mounted faucets

They are perfect for small houses where there is limited space when installing a faucet since they are mounted on the wall area.

The point to note with this kind of faucet is that they require special valves and drains and distance have to be measured accurately or they will lead to splashing and messes.

The good thing is that they are easy to clean and create space in the counter-tops and give you a variety of styles to choose from.


Overall, these are the main various types of faucets and we hope that you found this article was helpful in choosing the different faucets.

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