Top 10 Kitchen Faucet Reviews 2021|Buyer’s Guide

best kitchen faucet reviews

We all know how a kitchen faucet is an integral part of the kitchen area and with many brands on the market, choosing that PERFECT  Kitchen Faucet becomes a daunting task.

That is why we have done the hard work for you by looking through all the kitchen faucets available on the market and come up with a comprehensive list of the best kitchen faucets on the market.

we want you to have all the confidence when choosing the A  kitchen faucet for your home that is why we made this kitchen faucet reviews , which is a collection of only the best of the best.

Here, in summary, you will find a comparison table, detailed reviews and a buyers’ guide at the end for you to look at some of the things that you need to consider before purchasing your kitchen faucet.

If you are in a rush here a simplified comparison table with the best kitchen faucets on the market right now.

Delta 9178-AR_DST
Elegant kitchen faucet design that is built to last with all modern technology features.
Moen 7594-ESRS
Accuracy in Motion Sensor Technology and a Spot resistant Finish with a pull-down design .
Kraus KPF-1610SS
Commercial oriented kitchen faucet that can give you good water pressure when cleaning while at the same time conserving water.
Moen 7594 SRS
Touchless kitchen Faucet with a high arc and long hose for ease in maneuverability.
Affordable kitchen faucet that comes with great features that add to its functionality .
American Standard Colony
Strong Built kitchen faucet that is durable and comes with great features.
Kohler K-596-CP
This kitchen faucet comes with contemporary features and a high arc spout that provides enough room to clean dishes comfortably.
Delta 9113-AR-DST
Impressive features ,quality and durability at an affordable Price Point.
Delta 9159-AR-DST
Durable kitchen faucet that comes with amazing features which improve its overall functionality.
Pure Lux Tulip Kitchen sink faucet
Affordable kitchen faucet with features that can match those of high-end faucets plus an added advantage of being Eco-friendly.



1.DELTA 9178 AR-DST – The Best Kitchen faucet

The Delta Company clearly knows what it is doing when it gets down to providing amazing Kitchen Faucet products.
That is the Delta 9178 AR-DST, you get a kitchen faucet that comes with the latest technology, cleaning convenience while still maintaining that Traditional Kitchen faucet look.

This for sure is the best Kitchen faucet on the Market right now.

Who Is This Product Designed For?
If you are someone who enjoys a solid design in a kitchen faucet with all the modern features like Touch sensors, LED indicators, different washing modes just to name a few then you will fall in love with the Delta 9178 AR-DST.

Diamond seal technology
You can agree with me that it is very annoying when a kitchen faucet ages with time and starts leaking. That is one of the beauties of the Delta 9178 AR-DST because it comes with a Diamond Seal Technology that makes the valves durable and also ensures that you have no leaks on your kitchen sink.

Pull-down faucet design
This comes with a Pull-Down wand design and a 59-inch hose with a high-arch sprout that can swivel 360 degrees giving you a wide enough cleaning radius around your sink area.

The other thing is that the non-retractable spray head can be detached when you want to wash closer to the sink or fetch water.

The buttons on the water head assist you in choosing between the 2 water modes (spray and steam) for your convenience in cleaning.

Plus you get to choose from 4 types of colours finishing; from classic Venetian bronze to the spot shield stainless steel to the sleek and also the arctic steel.

Shield spray technology
Now you are sure of no backsplash when using the Delta 9178 AR-DST because the water head has been designed with a spray shield technology that caters for your cleaning needs without splashing water all over the kitchen area.

TouchO2 technology
The other good thing to look forward to this particular kitchen faucet is that features the TouchO2 technology which enables you to be able to turn off this kitchen faucet with just the touch of your hands.

This is a wonderful feature to have because it plays a great role in ensuring the handle of this Kitchen Faucet is always kept clean (hygienic) and is easy to maintain and because you don’t have to necessary touch it when your hands are messy.

Automatic Switch
This kitchen faucet also automatically switches off in 4 minutes; so don’t worry if a child or a pet accidentally put its on when playing around. This is another plus because it saves on water bills annually.

Tempe sense technology
There is clearly no second guessing or burning your hands with scorching hot water when testing the water temperature because this kitchen faucet has a built-in TempeSense Technology with a LED indicator that shows you the water temperature.

This is an important feature especially for those who wash infants at the sink area or required a consistent water temperature and being able to monitor the temperature of the water coming out is awesome especially for safety reasons.

Note also that this indicator allows you to see when the battery required replacement. (orange box)

When purchasing a kitchen faucet one of the things you need to consider is if it is compatible with the holes on your kitchen sink.

The Delta 9178 AR-DST is also compatible with 1- hole and 3-hole sinks.

  • Diamond seal technology
  •  Sleek and Beautiful design
  •  360 degrees swivel
  •  TempeSense technology with an LED indicator
  •  1-hole and 3hole compatibility
  •  Limited Warranty
  • On the expensive side

What is the Bottom line?
This is clearly an elegant designed Kitchen Faucet to add to your kitchen, with the Delta 9178 AR-DST you are getting a durable kitchen faucet with all the modern technology features that provide convenience and Flexibility to kitchen cleaning.

2.MOEN 7594 ESRS– Best Touchless faucet

If you have been on the hunt for a kitchen faucet that can accurately sense your motions in the kitchen, then the Moen 7594ESRS Auto Sensor is the Kitchen faucet for you.

who is this product designed for?
This is Kitchen Faucets is perfect for someone who is a busy cook and can appreciate the convenience of having a Touchless kitchen faucet especially if your hands come into contact with raw meat and you don’t want to risk cross- contamination with other foods when cooking. We all know that hygiene is of high importance when it comes to cooking in the kitchen.

Motion sense technology
The main wonderful feature that sticks out when it comes to the Moen 7594ESRS kitchen faucet is it Motion sense technology.

This is surprisingly very accurate in sensing your movements in the kitchen sink. You will have an easy time switching the water on and off and also regulating the water temperature.

Pull-down head spray design
This kitchen faucet comes with a Pull-down head spray design that definitely will allow you to reach all the corners of your sink area.

You also get can a spot resistant stainless steel finish design which adds to its durability, ease in cleaning and maintenance. You can choose between this and chrome and oil-rubbed bronze finishes.

Moen’s Reflex back technology
With a flexible 64 inch hose that is easy to manoeuvre and returns back to position with the Moen’s Reflex back technology. The hose is also long enough this makes cleaning messy dishes and dirty cooking pots a breeze.

The other great thing to look forward to with the Moen 7594ESRS Kitchen faucet is that you get to preserve water with just the with a turn of a switch and you can choose between 3 spraying modes, a steady aerated flow or a more powered flow for the heavy duty cleaning.

PowerClean Technology
Talking about breeze when cleaning with this kitchen faucet you are provided with PowerClean Technology which creates powerful water pressure that assists in scraping out those dishes and a must have for all that heavy duty cleaning.

It is also easy to install due to its Duralock technology and it can also use an AC adapter and the batteries last a long time before they need replacement.

This Motion Sensor kitchen Faucet is also compatible with 1- hole sink installation and also 3-hole installation.

  • Stylish and sleek
  • Available in 3 colours
  • Duralock quick connect installation system
  • Spot resistant stainless finish
  • On the expensive side

What is the Bottom line?

With the Moen 7594ESRS Auto Sensor Kitchen faucet, you get accuracy in the MotionSensor Technology a, a great Pull-down kitchen faucet design and spot resistant finish that makes your kitchen sink look stylish and elegant.
This provides you with all the benefits that come from other kitchen faucets plus the advantage of going hands-free.

3.KRAUS KPF-1610SS –Best Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

The Kraus is a relatively young company that has been around since 2007. Although this relatively a small company it boasts a track record of producing high-quality and innovative products for its consumers.

When you think of the sink and kitchen faucet as partners then trust us when we say the Kraus KFP is a Slim- tall handsome faucet that is compatible with a very large sink. (Mostly a commercial sink)

Who Is This Product Designed For?
This particular kitchen faucet is for you if you are looking for a product that is not only quality but also its production focuses on Eco-friendly methods and saving our environment.

With this kitchen faucet, you get a Lead-free built design that has its unique features that make it stand –out and an all Compact design.

With a slim-leaver handle which allows you to control the water flow and the water temperatures. You get flexibility with the Pull-down spray head and side pot filler.

This is a dream come true for commercial cleaning!

360 degrees swivel High 18 -inch arc sprout.

This kitchen faucet is majorly for commercial purpose and this requires a high arc to be able to clean conveniently. That is why they made this with an open coil and a High 18 -inch arc sprout.

With a 360 degrees swivel sprout, you get more room to clean as far as any sink is concerned and you can be able to clean well. This is another bonus feature for commercial cleaning purposes because you are washing many things at the same time and at different angles.

Water saving
This kitchen faucet is built around the concept of water conservation due to its 2 spray modes that allow you to use less water depending on the spray mode while cleaning.

Kerox ceramic cartilage technology
You have the Kraus smooth Retractable technology that ensures that the spray-head goes back to its position when not in use. Plus you get the Kerox ceramic cartilage technology ensures that the faucet stay drip free over time.

If you are someone who enjoys fixing things for yourself, then you will enjoy installing this kitchen faucet by yourself. It comes with a 1 –hole installation kit and the 3-hole installation kit.

  •  Eco-friendly and water conservation
  •  Easy to install
  • Affordable
  •  2 spray modes
  • NSF-certified
  •  There parts that are built of plastic materials
  •  A bit difficult to clean

What is the Bottom line?

Here you get the beauty of having an Eco-friendly kitchen faucet that helps with water conservation and is also NSF- certified. The Kraus KFP-1610ss is a quality, functional commercial oriented kitchen faucet at an affordable price point.

4.MOEN 7594 SRS -Quality Kitchen Brand

Named number one Company in North America from the Moen Company we get one of the best Touchless Kitchen Faucets on the Market.

This is evidently clear because the smooth spotless finish that speaks out elegance, luxury and simplicity this will definitely make a statement in your sink area.

Who Is This Product Designed For?
If you are one to fret over the handle of kitchen faucet staying germ free or you are one busy cook who knows the convenience of having a hands free kitchen faucet then the Moen 7594ERS is the kitchen faucet for you.

This is a beautifully designed faucet that can fit perfectly in both Modern and Traditional kitchen styles.
You get to choose between polished chrome, spot resist stainless and the oil-rubbed Bronze.

Motion Sensor Technology
It comes with a motion sensor technology that is able to sense your movement when you are near the kitchen faucet.
This is very convenient especially when you are cooking and your hands are messy with food or you have touched something and you need a quick wash.

Other benefits of having a hand free kitchen faucet it helps to prevent to cross-contamination when cooking because germs tend to be left on the handles.

High Arc Sprout
You get to work with a high arc spout that gives you room to clean large pots, fetch water and with a Pull-down design you can fill the pot with ease.

Moen Reflex system
With this, you get a 68-inch long hose that adds to the flexibility and has a Moen Reflex system that ensures that the hose snaps back firmly to its original location.

PowerClean Technology
This Moen 7594ERS comes also with PowerClean Technology that allows you to clean with pressurized water. This is very useful when you want to do heavy duty cleaning and also when you want to remove clogs in the sink area.

2 Spray Modes
This comes with two spray modes which are easily accessible with just the switch of a button you get the aerated steam mode and the more powerful mode.

The other great feature with this kitchen faucet, it filters water sediments out and if by any chance you find that water pressure getting lower just check the filter and most likely you will find there is build-up over time. So, all you have to do is clean it and you are good to go.

This is compatible with 3 hole sinks and the installation is made easy with the Duralock quick connect installation system.

  • Stylish and sleek
  •  High arc
  • Available in four colours
  •  Easy to install
  • Spot resistant stainless finish
  •  On the expensive side

What is the Bottom line?

So at the end of the day, Moen 7594ERS is an amazing product, you get high-end faucet features that offer you a hands-free experience, a high arc to manoeuvre, a long hose, a PowerClean Technology for heavy duty cleaning, water filtration, easy installation and a gorgeous designer kitchen faucet that stands out.



This is a great product from the Kohler Company. The thing that stands out with this faucet is its high arc spout that swivels 360 degrees giving you a wide clearance area to clean in the sink.

Who Is This Product Designed For?
The Kohler k-560 is the perfect kitchen faucet if you are not really looking for something that is fancy but is user-friendly and you are not planning to go over the budget.

A simple and beautifully designed piece which comes with a stainless finish that is both rust-free and tarnishes free.
You get to choose from an array of 3 finishes which include Polish chrome, oil-rubbed bronze and stainless.

The ceramic disc valves that come with this kitchen faucet definitely added to its durability and it being a single-handed valve it’s easy to regulate the temperature of the water.

ProMotion Technology
Talk about making cleaning dishes a breeze; this comes with a Pull-down spray head with an integrated ProMotion Technology that adds to its flexibility.

High Arc Sprout
If you have always found it a hustle to clean those bigger pots of even pot filling, then you will enjoy the convenience and room that a high arc sprout which can rotate 360 degrees provides.

3 Different Spray Modes
You can shut the water momentarily with the use of the 3 different spray modes that come with this kitchen faucet. These are the normal steam mode, the sweeping spray and the pause mode.

The magnetic docking technology
The Kohler comes with the DockNetik system that ensures that the spray head sits firmly in place when not in use and thus prevents any dripping in the future.

MasterClean Sprayface Technology
This kitchen faucet also comes with a master clean technology ensures that there is no mineral build-up over time on the spray head.

The installation of this kitchen faucet is made simple with the extra supply lines and also includes a metal base plate that is optional. Its compatibility of 1, 2, 3 and 4- holes sink adds to its versatility.

  •  High arc
  •  3- spray functions
  •  DockNetic Technology
  • Elegant Traditional design
  • MasterClean Sprayface
  • 1,2,3 to 4 –hole compatibility
  • Lifetime limited warranty
  • Handle sometimes leaks if not installed properly.

What is the Bottom line?

The Kohler k-560 VS Kitchen faucet is for you if you are not looking for something that will provide you with good features merged together with functionality and can be added to your kitchen setup with no stress.

It is also one of the most affordable good kitchen faucets on the market that will definitely last you a long time.


6.AMERICAN STANDARD COLONY (4175.700.002) – High Flow Rate Faucet

The American standard products are known for their durability and great quality so there is no surprise here that we had to include one of their kitchen faucets.

Who Is This Product Designed For?
This is the kitchen faucet for you if you are on a budget and you are not looking for only affordability but also functionality and durability all in one unit.

The American Colony comes with and a shiny brass finish comes in 3 sets, matte black, sleek chrome and steel and which is also corrosive, tarnish and scratch resistant.

The finishing of this particular kitchen faucet is made of brass which adds a nice touch and durability.
You get a pull-down spray design which makes filling pots easy with adjustment buttons on the spray and also a pause button.

Ceramic Disk Cartilage Valve
The design features a ceramic disk cartilage valve which adds to durability and also ensures that the spray head is drip-free overtime. (These kinds of valves are also easy to maintain and ensure that there are no leakages over time.)

High Arc Sprout
You get a moderately high arc that allows you room to cleaning dishes in the sink and 3 different spray modes to choose from ( spread, spray and pause mode) making cleaning dishes a lot easier and faster.

Single- Handle Operation
With a smooth single- handle operation the pause mode allows you the freedom to move around when suddenly you need to do something quickly when washing.

Temperature Memory Valve
This comes with a temperature memory valve that remembers the last temperature when the water was turned off.
This is a very convenient feature to have especially when you are cooking and also for those who wash infants in the sink. You can mark the temperature and not worry that it will suddenly get hot and burn you.

It is compatible with the installation of sinks up to 3 holes and comes with an escutcheon that is optional.

  • Affordable
  • Corrosion, tarnish and scratch resistant
  •  High sprout
  •  Ceramic disk valves
  •  ADA compliant
  • Lifetime limited warranty
  • Low-quality parts

What is the Bottom line?

With the American standard colony, you get a kitchen faucet with good quality functional features like the ceramic cartilage valve, memory temperatures sensors, different flow mode and an all brass faucet body that will last a long time. This is definitely a great kitchen faucet to consider.

7.KOHLER K-596-CP SIMPLICE -Contemporary  Kitchen faucet

We have to say that this is a wonderful product from the Kohler Company from our selection of various kitchen faucets because with this kitchen faucet you will definitely get a return for your investment because of its great functionality and affordability.

Who Is This Product Designed For?
Are you in search of a kitchen faucet that is user-friendly with a good built quality and has a high arc sprout? Then the Kohler –k 596-CP Simplice is the kitchen faucet for you.

This is a simple contemporary designed kitchen faucet with a glossy finish and you get to make a choice out of the 3 available finishes; the Matte black, the polish chrome and the spotless stainless.

The Kohler Company makes ceramic disk valves which add to the performance and the durability of these kitchen faucets.

360 degree swivel High arc sprout
A high arc sprout that gives you flexible room, now you are able to clean several utensils pilled in the sink or even bigger pots with no complications.

360-degree swivel capability provides you with the flexibility required when cleaning utensils in the sink and a Pull-down kitchen faucet design, allowing you ease when filling pots.

Temperature Memory Sensor
The spray head comes with 3 ways to control the spray water coming out (aerated sweep spray, stream normal spray and pause) and along the handle, you get a temperature memory sensor that remembers the temperature of the last water flow.

Magnetic Dock System
With Kohler kitchen faucet you get the Kohler DockNetik that ensures that the spray head locks down firmly in position. An important feature to ensure that there is no dripping over time.

MasterClean Spray Face Feature
With this kitchen faucet, you are assured that with this kitchen faucet there will be no build-up over time as it clears away

1 to 3 sinkhole compatibility and installation of this kitchen faucet is made easy by Kohler by proving you with flexible supply line an escutcheon and an installation ring.

  • 1. Beautiful simple design that comes in 3 colours
  • High arc spout
  • 360-degree swivel
  • Retractable spray motion
  •  MasterClean spray face
  •  DockNetic Technology
  •  Lifetime limited warranty
  • Fingerprints get to show on the stainless finish

What is the Bottom line?

Overall the Kohler –k 596-CP Simplice is an amazing product, you get great contemporary features to make cleaning dishes convenient, comfortable and fun adventure.

8.DELTA 9159-AR-DST TRINSIC –Luxury Kitchen Faucet

This is yet another quality kitchen faucet from the Delta Company that provides you with a lot of features with the benefit of not paying the high prices like the high-end kitchen faucets.

Who Is This Product Designed For?
If you are looking for a luxury type of kitchen faucet that allows you to know the water temperature and can automatically shut off when you forget to turn off the waterworks then the Delta 9159-AR-DST Trinsic is for you.

This is a kitchen faucet designed to fit a modern kitchen with its elegant yet minimalistic design and you get to choose between four finishes, that is matte black, champagne bronze, chrome and arctic stainless.

Diamond seal valves
Like the other Delta products, you will be equipped with the Diamond seal valves that add to the durability of this kitchen faucet and also ensure that there are no leakages.

360 degrees swivel High arc sprout
This gives you a high arc sprout which gives you room to clean those dirty dishes .it also can rotate 360 degrees with this you are able to reach the edges of the sink.

Delta Magnetite docking
This comes with a pull-down spray design and you have a 54-inch hose with a Magnetic docking technology, the Delta Magnetite docking that ensures that the pull-down spray goes back firmly in position when not in use.

This feature also ensures that it is drip free overtime.

Tempsense Technology
The days of testing the water temperature with your bare hands are gone. This is a great feature to have to avoid burns.

With the TempSense technology, this kitchen faucet comes with colour indicators allowing you to know the temperature of the water (blue-85, Pink-95, Red-110) degrees respectively.

Automatic shut-off
You also get an automatic shut-off of water flow after 4 minutes, this helps in water conservation and also you don’t need to worry if a baby or a pet put on the water by mistake.

Touch-Clean Spray Hole Technology
With the touch of just a finger, you will now be able to remove any build-up that is on the spray head because of the Touch-Clean spray hole technology.

The InnoFlex supply line ensures that the water flow is free from the metal radicals and safe for your family to use.

Its compatible with up to 3 hole sinks and it is advisable to purchase an escutcheon when installing on a 3 hole sink.

  •  Quality design
  • High arc sprout that swivels 360 degrees
  • Tempsense technology
  • Magnetic docking system
  • Diamond Seal Technology
  • ADA compliant
  • Lifetime limited warranty
  • Expensive
  • Purchase the escutcheon separate for 3 hole installation

What is the Bottom line?

The Delta 9159-AR-DST Trinsic is clearly a high-end kitchen faucet that offers you amazing features that include the Tempsense technology, the TouchClean spray and automatic shut-off technology, a high arc spout that rotates 360 degrees and diamond seal valves to add to the durability of this faucet.


This is another amazing kitchen faucet from the Delta Company. When we talk about durability matched with affordability, functionality clothed inconvenience then we are talking about the Delta-9113 Essa kitchen faucet.

Who is this product designed for?
This is for you if you are looking for a modern kitchen faucet that comes with contemporary features as well as traditional elements then the Delta-9113 Essa.

With an Elegant beautiful design that speaks quality and durability you can choose between 4 finish designs; sleeking chrome, Arctic Stainless, Matte Black depending on your kitchen layout, this kitchen faucet can fit right in or it can stand out and be a signature piece.

Diamond-Seal Technology with a Diamond Seal Valve
This is to ensure that there are no leakages on your sink and adds to the durability of the valve. There is an escutcheon that is included to fit the base or you can also fix it bare.

High Arc with a 360 Degrees Swivel
With this kitchen Faucet, you are sure of comfort and convenience when cleaning dirty dishes and pots and being able to reach all corners of the kitchen sink with a Pull-down kitchen faucet design plus a long hose that is 62 inch.

Touch-Clean Spay Holes
This is a great feature to have because with time when you use a kitchen faucet tends to clog due to build-up. This technology ensures seamless cleanup on the spray holes so that you can be at peace and be sure that there will be no build-up over time.

The backsplash on this kitchen is minimal and if your sink gives an allowance of up to a radius of 1.5 then there will be no backsplash.

Magnetic Docking Station
The magnetite docking technology ensures that the pull-down spray is kept firmly in place when not in use.

This kitchen faucet is easy to install and is compatible with both 1- hole and 3-hole installation.

  • Elegant Compatible design
  •  It is ADA compatible
  •  Magnetic Docking
  • The high arc with a 360-degree Swivel
  • Limited warranty
  • May require an expert to help you install

What is the Bottom line?

The Delta 9113-AR-DST Essa offers you great impressive modern features built with quality and is durable while being and is relatively affordable.


If you are on the hunt for a more decorative piece that is also budget friendly then check out the PURE LUX Tulip.
Thou, it’s advisable to buy home improvement items such as the kitchen faucets with all the quality standards required due to the fact that these items tend to stay with you for a longer period of times.

But, you can agree with me that sometimes money doesn’t come easy and at the right moment when you need something and so we can totally relate.

That is why we decided to review something that is quality and also pocket-friendly.

Who is this product designed for?
This is the kitchen faucet is for you if you are looking for a new addition to your kitchen sink but you are currently on a budget.

With a simple design which resembles a Danish flower, this faucet can fit perfectly in any kitchen whether traditional or contemporary with finishes of brushed nickel or chrome.

This kitchen faucet is made affordable due to the fact that is made up of a composite metal that is brushed off with Nickel or chrome. (Don’t be discouraged because this can still last up to more than 10 years)

High Arc with a 360 Degrees Swivel
This kitchen faucet features a self-retractable head spray that can swivel 360 degrees giving you more room area for cleaning and fetching water.

3 Different Spray Modes
The spray comes with 3 different spray modes to make cleaning easy and you also get a 2o inches hose and 8.4-inch arc spout.

You get a powerful mode for heavy-duty cleaning which is the spray mode, the normal flow which is the stream mode and the pause that stops water temporarily.

Ceramic Cartilage
A ceramic cartilage that comes with this kitchen faucet ensures that spray head remains drip free for close to 10years.
Water-Saving Technology

The great thing about this kitchen faucet is that helps to save water due to water-saving technology that regulates the water flow at the nozzle (not more than 1.8 GPM).

The lead-free waterway complies with the CUPC and the NCF standards and ensures that your family is healthy.

It is 1, 3-hole compatible and comes with accessories, a deck plate and other parts to make installation of this kitchen faucet close to seamless.

  •  Beautiful design
  • Very Affordable
  •  Ceramic cartilage
  •  360-degree sprout
  • Easy to install
  • 5 year limited warranty
  • The composite metal instead of brass or chrome

What is the Bottom line?

With the Purelux Tulip Kitchen faucet, you get a beautiful looking kitchen faucet that gives you good functional features close to the high-end kitchen faucets with a balance of being environmentally friendly, ease of use and installation at a very affordable price.

Overall, if you are currently on a budget this a good bet when it comes to kitchen faucets.


best kitchen Faucet Guide

What is a kitchen without a Kitchen Faucet?

Literally, can you imagine a kitchen sink with no kitchen faucet?

Like, Where will we wash our greasy hands, clean our dirty dishes, do pot filling, wash infants, direct our guests to wash their hands and all the other cleaning stuff that we do in the kitchen area?

A kitchen sink is a place that we tend to visit almost daily without even realizing the important part it plays in our lives

for some, it also serves like a centrepiece that stands out in your kitchen area and when visitors come to your house they get to admire how clean and organized your kitchen is.

With all that grease and dirt that a kitchen faucet handles from the garden to cooking, to cleaning piled dishes. You can agree with me that finding the perfect kitchen faucet for your sink is very important.

This is  kitchen faucet guide is here to ensure that you make a better choice that suits your daily needs.

Now let’s get down to it!


1. Design and Finishing
A kitchen faucet is an essential part of your kitchen. It is something that is used daily by your family members and even guests.

Since it tends to be a piece that stands out in your kitchen area then it needs to be an expression of who you are and your lifestyle.

There are various finishes that kitchen faucets come in, like Matte black, polished chrome, bronze, and stainless steel. The design of the faucet will depend on the manufacturer or brand of the particular kitchen faucet.

Look around your kitchen and choose a kitchen faucet that will blend well with its surroundings.

2. Brand and Inclusive Technology
Different brands of kitchen faucets offer you various technologies to ensure that their customers are satisfied or have an edge. Examples of technologies are the Motion sensors, Temperature sensors.

This is an important factor to consider because it contributes greatly to your convenience in usability. So check the daily tasks that you do at the sink area and see what features can help make using your kitchen faucet a breeze.

3. Type of Kitchen faucet
There are the Pull-down and the Pull-out kitchen faucet designs and those that come with special features like water filtration.

4. Construction
Most high- end kitchen faucets tend to be made of brass or stainless steel. There are those on the lower end that tent to be made of composite material in order to reduce costs.

The thing to look out for here is if the construction material is lead-free and that the finishing is rust, tarnish and corrosion resistant.

These features will add to the durability of the kitchen faucet because of the construction materials of the valves to prevent future leaks and dripping and also the health of your family.

5. Dimensions
This is to ensure that the kitchen faucet can fit your kitchen sink area because you don’t want to buy a kitchen faucet that does not fit your kitchen area.

6. Installation and Repair
The major things to consider here is the number of mounting holes that are on your sink. If you have one hole you need to buy a single hole compatible kitchen faucet or drill more holes.

If you have multiple holes then consider buying on that is compatible with more than one hole (1,2,3). A metal base plate known as an escutcheon can be used to cover up the extra holes

This is an important factor to consider when buying a kitchen faucet. The truth is that varies from one type of faucet to another the type of installation required, some can be installed easily and some you will require to pay a small fee for an expert to install it for you.

7. Warranty
There are kitchen faucets that give you a lifetime warranty and others don’t so try and read carefully the fingerprint and get the best deal when it comes to the warranty of your kitchen faucet.